To meet the expectations of individuals, families, and society a nurse needs to have certain qualifications that have the effect of healing (therapeutic). Communication is a great way to nurture the relationship teraupetik due to communication can affect the behavior of others so that the nurse relationship won’t clients% u2013 are achieved when communication is not lancer or even no communication.

according to hornby u s ( 1974 ) therapeutic is an adjective that is connected with the art of healing . capable of therapeutic mean someone able to perform or communicating the words , a deed , or expression that facilitates the healing process .                                                                               

A.2 . the purpose of communication therapeutic .

self awareness , an acceptance of , and mounting honor self . personal identity clear and increasing personal integrity . ability to form an intimacy , mutual dependence , interpersonal relations , with the capacity giving and receiving love . push function and improve the ability to satisfy needs and achieving goals personal realistic . 

A.3 . tehnik communication therapeutic .

each client not the same hence necessary the application of tehnik communicate different again . tehnik communication following it , treutama the use of the reference of shives ( 1994 ) , stuart & amp res ; sundeen ( 1950 ) and wilson & amp res ; kneisl ( in 1920 ) , i e :

1 . listens attentively to be clients conveys messages non verbal that nurse attention to their needs and problems clients . listens attentively is an effort to understand the whole verbal message and non verbally being communicated . deftness listen whole concern was to :

  • of view clients when talking sustain eye contact that emits a desire to hear .
  • body stance that indicates attention by not crossed the foot or hand .
  • hindarkan unnecessary movement . nod the head if clients talk about stuff important or memerlukanumpan turning .
  • condongkan the body toward the interlocutor

2 . showing acceptance receive no means approve .

receive mean willing to listen to another without indicative of hesitation or disagree . of course as a nurse we have not to accept all unmannerly clients . nurse shouldn obviating facial expression and bodily movements that shows disagree , as frowning or shake his head as if not believe . following it reveals the attitudes nurse who shook her head as if not believe . following it reveals the attitudes nurses.

  • listen without decided talks .
  • provide feedback verbal got my understanding .
  • ensure that non verbal cues fit with verbal communication .
  • obviating to argue , express doubts , or attempt to change the mind clients .

3. Ask questions that are related.

Purpose of the nurse asked is to get specific information about the client. It is best if the question is associated with a topic that is discussed and use those words in the context of socio-cultural clients. During studies ask questions in order. 

4. repeat the speech client using words alone.

To reiterate a clients, nurses provide feedback so the client knows that the message is understood and expect the communication continues. However, the nurse should be careful when using the method, because it can sense ono ambiguous if the pronunciation has a different meaning.

5 . clarification

 if suffers kesalah pahaman , attendant need to stop talks to clarify with equalize understanding , because of information is very important in providing service nursing . to messages can be up to right , attendant need to give an instance of a concrete and easily understandable clients .

6 . focusing

this method performed with purpose demarcate material talks so as to be specific and understandable . nurse shouldn ‘t terminated talks clients when addressing the issue importance , unless talks continues without new information . 

7 . conveying results of observations

attendant need to provide feedback to the client by expressing the result surveillance , so as to be known if a message received with true . nurse disentangle impression inflicted by qualified non verbal clients . conveying the results of observations nurse often makes clients communicate clearer without having to increase focuses or clarify message .

8 . offering additional information

information it allows penghayatan better for clients against keadaanya . provide additional information an educational health for a client . beside this will add a sense of trust clients to nurse . if there was information that is covered by a physician , attendant need to clarify the reason . nurse shall not give advice to the client when giving information , but facilitate clients to make decisions .

9. Silence

Silent provides an opportunity to nurse and the client to organize his thoughts. The use of methods of silence memrlukan skills and the statutes of the time, otherwise it will cause bad feelings. Silence enables clients to communicate on its own, organising his thoughts, and process information. Silence enables clients to communicate on its own, organising his thoughts, and process information. Silence is particularly useful when the client has to take a decision.

10. Summarizing

Summarizing the main ideas are Summarized is the repetition of which have been communicated in a nutshell. Ono is beneficial to help method topic has been discussed before continuing on the next talks. Summarize the talk helps nurses repeat important aspect in their interaction, so that it could resume talks with related topics.

11 . presented awards

give salutation at clients by call to them , showing realization of a change that occurs appreciate clients as humans completely who has the right and responsibility for himself as individuals . the award has not to be a burden to him , lest in the sense of a client trying hard to get and do everything praise or approval for her . and neither intended to declare that this bagus and contrarily buruk . necessary to tell apabila clients attain something real , and nurses able to say so .

12 . offered themselves

clients may not ready to communicate verbally with others or client of not being able to make itself intelligible . often nurse offering only his presence , taste interested , tehnik this communication should be done selfless

13 . offer the opportunity to the client to broach .

offer the opportunity at the client for berinisiatif predial topic in talk . let clients who feel hesitatingly and uncertain about perannanya in interakasi this nurse can menstimulasinya to take the initiative and feel that he expected to open talks .

14 . advocated to continue talks

tehnik this advocated clients to direct almost all talks which suggest that clients are following what was spoken of and interested with what will be discussed later . nurse more seeks to interpret from at directing discussion / talks

15 . put gen regularly will help nurse and a client to see it in a perspective

a continuation of an event regularly will help nurse and a client to see it in a perspective . a continuation of an event regularly will help the nurses and the clients to see gen next as a result gen the first . aircraft will be able to determine sensorial lurch interpersonal and give the data about experiences that satisfy and meaningful to clients in fulfilling needs .

16 . advocated clients unutk disentangle persepsinya

when nurse wanted to understand clients , he shall see all behold from the perspective of a client . clients should be feel free to disentangle persepsinya to nurse . when telling his experiences , a nurse to be alert ‘ll emergence ansietas symptoms .

17 . reflection

reflection advocated a client to adduce and receive ideas and perasaanya as part of itself . if a client asked him what shall he thought and do or feel and nurses can answer : bagaimana you think ? or bagaimana you ? . thus attendant indicate that an opinion client is valuable and client have the right to capable of doing that , then he would think that he is a man who had capacity and ability as individuals an integrated and not as part of others .




Impairment of sight can occur good because the damage organ , e g : the cornea , the eyepiece , cloudiness viterus humor , or damage to the cornea , and nerve damage of carriage impulses toward the brain . Damage to the perception among other levels experienced clients by brain damage . All this result in reduced visus until may cause blindness , either partial or total . Resulting from damage visual , capability of catching excitative when communicating very much dependent on pendengarn and touch . Hence , performed have to optimize communication functions of hearing and touch because function vision full extent possible to be replaced by information that can be transferred via the sense that another . For example , when doing orientation the recovery room , clients has to get information memvisualisasi condition of space to be orally , e g by describing the table and seats , explain how the position of a bed of a door , the bathroom , and as

sebagainyaberikut is tehnik tehnik diperhatiakn during need to communicate with clients who have a vision problem :

1 . the full extent possible take a position that can be seen client if he suffered partial blindness or convey verbally existence / the presence of nurse when you are nearby .

2 . identification yourself with mention by name ( and the role ) you .

3 . speaking uses a tone of voice normally because condition of a client not memungkinkanya receive messages verbal visually . the voice pitch you hold a big role and bermakna for a client .

4 . explain why you touch or pronounce a word said before performing touch on clients .

5 . informasikan to the client when you ‘ll meninggalkanya / disconnect communication .

6 . orientasikan clients by sound the sound heard around them .

7 . orientasikan clients on lingkunganya if a client dipindah into the environment / a room that is new.  

to communication with the sensory with impaired vision can run smoothly and reach the target is , then he also said attention things as follows :

1 . in communication consider content and tone of voice

2 . check the physical environment

3 . requires clear ideas before communicate

4 . komunikasikan message briefly

5 . komunikasikan precious things only .

6 . in plotting komunikas , berknsultasilah pihk with other so as to obtain support .

in performing communication therapeutic with patient sensory with impaired vision , nurse prosecuted to become communicator good so that interwoven effective therapeutic relations between the nurses and the clients , for it qualified to be possessed by a nurse in communicate with patient with impaired vision is sensory :

1 . the presence of preparedness means that message or information , means of conveyance , and saluarannya to be prepared beforehand in a mature manner .

2 . any ujud sooth means of messages or information remains to be presented in earnestly or intently .

3 . sincerity means before individuals give information or messages to another indiviu giver information must feel sure that what is delivered it is something good and do need to and useful for sipasien .

4. confidence meaning if a nurse had confidence then it would be very influential on how delivery to the patient.

5. a peace that is as good as any and any that will be submitted sejelek, a nurse must be calm, not emotions and provoke the emotions of the patient, because the peace then the iinformasi will be more clearly well and smoothly.

6. the hospitality means that hospitality is the key to success of communication activities, due to the sincere hospitality without artificial will generate a feeling of calm, happy and safe for the recipient.

 7. the simplicity that is in the delivery of information, preferably made of simple good language, disclosure and other trainings. Although the information was long and complicated but if given in a simple, sequential and obviously it will provide the clarity of information well.



capability of applying tehnik communication therapeutic memrlukan exercise and sensibility and keenness feeling , because the communication occurs not in the ability but in the dimensions value , time and space that will affect the success of communication that is visible through impact terapeutiknya for a client and also gratification for nurse .

communication also will give impact therapeutic if in penggunaanya reck attitudes and tehnik communication therapeutic . something else quite important reck is dimensions relations . dimensions this is a factor supporting very influential in developing ability deals therapeutic .

various tehnik communication can be used in communication , for it needs to be overrun tehnik communication with proper . an objective in tehnik communication is in order to obtain results or effects optimal , inherence durable or maybe are perennial . if a communication can transform a trust and attitudes of someone behavior or patient , so changes is expected can really lasting or durable .

if the conditions as in discussion can diujudkan well and persyaratan persyaratan also filled , and communication with the one who has disorder sensory sight will happen with good . if applied in medicine or nursing and patients with impaired vision sensory will be satisfied , no complaints and give fraternization and healing faster , besides that health staff and paramedics could ‘ll are satisfied because it can provide good service and healing .



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